Day 4/6

As part of our Disney ticket, we had the opportunity to go to both water parks; Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Typhoon Lagoon

The best attraction here is the wave pool. Waves can form as high as 6ft and they are pretty powerful! We were stood by the middle and we kept getting swept away. If you like wave pools, then you should definitely visit Typhoon Lagoon.

There seemed to be more water slides using rafts (single, double and family sized) which caters for all thrill seekers. There are a few body slides, but they only rate on the average scale in terms of thrilling.

The lazy river was pretty good here

Blizzard Beach

The second water park; Blizzard Beach is themed as an old ski resort. It even has a chair lift which you can take to some of the slides. The decor of this waterpark is much more fun in comparison to Typhoon Lagoon. There are a few more body slides here, including the Summit Plummet which is one of the tallest and fastest body slides in the world as you slide down from 120ft. As fun as this slide was, it does really hurt! You may come out with some bruises the next day!

For those who find the Summit Plummet a little too high (Hi Mike), you can always opt for its younger sibling; Slusher Gusher which shoots you down at 90ft.

Another favourite of ours is the Toboggan Racers. here you race against your opponents on a mat. Unless you are Wendy, who seemed to get stuck at the top!

The wave pool here is what you expect. There are a number of rings that you can sit on and Wendy found it much more enjoyable and relaxing as she was not getting washed away. The lazy river was a bit on the sadder side though and sometimes it felt as if we weren’t moving.

It’s our last day at Disney tomorrow and we are off to Epcot.




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