Day 3

Mike was hoping by Day 3 that Wendy’s excitement levels would have worn off….ha! Highly unlikely, especially since this is the best Disney day ever!

Character Breakfast

In the wonderful world of Disney, you can sit down and eat with your favourite characters. Wendy decided on breakfast and we sat down at ‘The Crystal Palace’ restaurant. Can you guess which characters were here?


Yup, Wendy’s childhood favorite; Winnie the Pooh and friends! The breakfast itself was a buffet and there was a decent spread (and so there should be for $34.00 each -not inc tax). The food was very typical breakfast style and the highlight was the Mickey shaped waffles!

As you tuck into your breaky, the characters come round and you can hug them and take photos! Every now and again they will come together and do a little parade.

So was this worth it? YES! If you are the Disney dining plan, you might as well since it saves you queuing to meet the characters. It was also nice for us as to took into a hearty breakfast (at least that was Mike’s highlight)


Magic Kingdom definitely caters for the younger clientele in terms of its attractions and it is the busiest park as it is the epitome of Disney! Nevertheless, there are still a number of rides and shows for adults.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

One of the more classical rides at Disney as you race through an old mining town! This is one which requires a fast pass!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This has been around for quite some time, but it’s still enjoyable. This is the original Toy Story Mania i that you have to shoot targets as you get whizzed around. Obviously, it’s more dated but still super fun!

Haunted Mansion

This was a fun ride and a great place for a/c! Some of the effects/graphics are well done!

Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor

One of the best attractions at any of the parks! This is an interactive, live comedy show presented by various monsters. It is mostly done by improvising so shows can be quite different. We thought we would test this out and went back another day! As you wait, you can also text in your own jokes for them to read out!

Pirates of the Carribean

A nice boat ride through the world of Jack Sparrow and friends. As we had been on the one in Shanghai quite recently, this was rather disappointing as this is clearly much older.

Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

This is rather similar to Thunder Mountain (aside from the decor).  Again, pretty fun but only mildly thrilling.


Splash Mountain

When you need to cool off, head to the water ride! This was good, but the queue was quite long. All worth the wait!

Festival of Fantasy Parade

The main parade at Magic Kingdom! Get there early to get a good spot! We managed to get prime position along Main Street and could see all the floats/entertainers!

Happily Ever After Fireworks

A trip to Disney wouldn’t be complete without fireworks! The evening showcase depicts different animated stories which are shown on the castle and celebrated with an array of fireworks!



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