Welcome to Derp’s Discoveries

Hello and welcome to our blog. We are Wendy and Mike from Manchester and we are embarking on an adventure around the world. We have designed this blog as a platform for our friends and family to keep up to date about where we are and what we are doing. Hopefully, it will also inspire others to follow suit!

We will be documenting our lives; where we go, where we sleep, who we meet and best of all, what we eat!

Who we are

Hello! I’m Wendy. I’m an EFL teacher by trade and as a result I’m a traveller. I love travelling, penguins, Batman, kickboxing and cheesy action films!

My main purpose of travelling is for the food. I can’t wait to try the many different types of exotic cuisines out there. I’m going to be eating my way around the world.

And this is Mike. He recently quit his job to concentrate on his own companies. By working for himself he can travel without being stuck in an office.

When he’s not working he likes to play squash, go to the gym and loves eating. Since meeting me, he’s a lot more open to trying new foods so travelling to these far away lands will definitely be an eye opener!

Why travel?

Wendy: Ever since I moved abroad to do my first teaching job in China, I have loved travelling. From that moment, I have tried to travel as much as I can. After another expat stint in Korea, it was time to return back home to the UK and settle down to do the ‘grown-up’ things. I got my masters degree, a permanent job,  a mortgage and even got married! I thought this ‘travelling phase’ would be out of my system by the time I had done all these things, but how wrong was I. I now want to travel more than ever. Luckily, I have managed to find a partner in crime who shares the same passion for travelling! We first decided to do an around the world trip when we were looking at places for our honeymoon. We wanted to visit so many places and do so many things that it wouldn’t be possible in a two week holiday, so we thought lets make it longer!

Mike: I just turn up and hope for the best. I have been told there will be good food and beer along the way. SOLD!  🙂

We are also bringing a special someone with us…

Introducing Derp…

Howdy! My name is Derp and welcome to my blog. I’m very excited about seeing what this world has to offer. I’ve already managed to travel to a number of places; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ghent, Bruges, Paphos, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Reykjavik. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to their Thailand trip (#forgotme), but all is forgiven since the blog is named after me!