Day 5

The final destination on our Disney adventure took us to Epcot, which is by far the worst park!

Epcot is split into two worlds; Future World and World Showcase.

Future World

This is the most interesting of the two as it seems to have more rides including the Test Track and Mission Space. The rides themselves are only OK and not really worth waiting in line for unless you have a Fast Pass.

One section of the Future World is centered around sea life (including Nemo and friends). The aquarium is pretty cool, there are dolphins, sea turtles, an array of fishes and a tank where you can touch stingrays and starfish. There’s also a Nemo ride which is quite fun, even though it’s aimed at kiddies.

World Showcase

The other half of Epcot consists of 11 different countries to make up the World Showcase. This is interesting/entertaining if you have never been to those countries, but as we are fairly well travelled, it sucked! It was also super humid on this day, which made it even more unbearable.

Needless to say, this was a very short day at the park!

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