Our final stop on the West Coast tour was Seattle. We had heard many good things about Seattle so we were looking forward to it. We had originally booked an Air B n B by the University district. However, when we arrived it was super dirty and it was going to take a few more hours until it could be cleaned.  We decided to ask for a refund and booked a hotel instead. This was a blessing in disguise as the hotel was much more centrally located, making it more convenient to explore. The hotel also had an open rooftop area with amazing views and we could take our own drinks! #bruciebonus

The weather was perfect for the few days that we were here. It was super sunny and warm but not too hot. We did a tour around the city which was cool. We knew nothing about the history of Seattle so it was nice to learn a bit more.  Our guide was a really good storyteller too, a little sarcastic with a dry sense of humour. It seemed a little wasted on some of the clientele, but we appreciated it!

The waterfront is really nice to walk along and there’s also the famous Pike Place Market which is filled with eateries, bars, and little trinket stalls. There’s also the original Starbucks here, which also means there are enormous lines even though they sell the same old coffee as every other Starbucks. There is also a ‘gum wall’ where people used to stick their gum before they went into the theatre. Woman Shrugging on EmojiOne 4.0

We also met up with some friends; Jamie and Scott who were both kind enough to show us around the local area and hang out with us.

Next stop…Vegas..again!

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