From San Fran, we were driving up north to Portland. It is quite a long drive, so we decided to stay in 2 random places to break up the driving.

First stop was Crescent City, a random place in northern California. It seemed like a local seaside town and it was pretty busy. Our hotel was very unique, the decor was pretty dated, but the facilities were fine. The room itself was huge and the stay included breakfast!

The next day our trip continued along the coast and we finally left California and arrived in Oregon. We stayed at another random stop at a popular motel; Days Inn. Again, it was basic but it had the necessary amenities including a small pool. We also went to the local Wendy’s for some food, which Wendy was excited about. But then all the burgers are named after Dave….she was not impressed.

After a few days of driving, we finally arrived in Portland. It’s a beautiful city in Oregon filled with parks, microbreweries, food trucks and quirky coffee shops!

We only had 1.5 days here, which is a shame as we would have liked to explore here a bit more.  The only touristy thing we did see was Washington Gardens. It’s a cute little park filled with a rose garden,  zoo and Japenese Gardens. There is also a small Holocaust Memorial here, which was sad but nicely done.

Another ‘must do’ in Portland is to sample the food trucks! There’s a huge selection of cuisines and portions are generous. Wendy had ‘Mac & Trees’ and Mike had a chicken kebab. If we had stayed longer, I’m pretty sure these two heffers would have sampled everything!

Our hotel also recommended a restaurant; Jake’s Grill so we decided to check it out. Wendy tried meatloaf for the first time, which was pretty tasty.

It’s time to finish off our road trip so we are off to Seattle!

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