OMG we’re back again…

So when we came last year to Sin City (April 2017) we decided to attend a timeshare as we wanted discounted tickets to see a Cirque du Soleil show. As part of this, we also got  2 comp nights to stay at either Excalibur or Luxor. Since we were nearby and the fact that accommodation was super expensive in the states, we thought we might as well head back over to Vegas and utilise this freebie.

The Excalibur hotel was much nicer than we expected. The pool area was huge with 4 large pools and even a waterslide. Although it’s at one end of the strip it really isn’t too bad as you can cut through the other hotels/casinos.

On our first night, we ate at Hell’s Kitchen, one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. We were pretty excited as none of us had eaten at any of his restaurants before.  It did not disappoint! We ordered the Tomahawk to share, along with a couple of sides. It was delicious! The meat was so good! Highly recommend going if you are in town.

Since we were back in Vegas, it would have been rude to not attend the Backstreet Boys Concert as they happened to be there at the same time. Our seats were further back this time and we didn’t get to meet them😞but it was still an awesome show. Brian was also within touching distance…if only we had been in a row in front…. Wendy was not a happy bunny! Nevertheless, it was the best date night ever!

The next day we just ate and chilled by the pool. Considering this was the third time we were in Vegas within 2 years, we felt like we had done everything already. I doubt we will be back in Vegas for a while.

We are off to the airport now…Vancouver, here we come!



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