People talk about the drive up the West Coast as an amazing drive if you go along Highway 101, but it adds extra time onto the drive. We decided to get the bus from LA to San Fran. It was only $15 for the ticket, it was a clean, spacious bus and had WIFI so we were able to do some work. #winner

As we entered into San Fran on the Bay Bridge, we were welcomed by a dark, gloomy cloud. We certainly weren’t in sunny LA anymore! The temperature change was a shock to the system! It was like being back at home.

Wendy has a friend in SF so the next day, Christa and Mike picked us up and took us to the touristy hotspots and checked out the ‘famous’ stuff!

We stopped by Christie Fields so we could get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. As it was a little cloudy, the top was cut off. Oh well! Here, we could also see Alcatraz and the city itself. Unfortunately, Alcatraz books up months in advance so we weren’t able to go visit. Shame, as I’m sure it would have been super interesting.

We then stopped off for a huge pizza in Little Italy! This was followed by an Irish Coffee by Fishermans Wharf, which is a cute waterfront area but pretty touristy.

The next day, we took a mooch around China Town, which is one of the oldest in the US. We then ate at a very delicious restaurant; ‘House of Prime Rib.’ The menu is pretty basic, you choose the size of rib and some sides. They do actually offer more meat (so go for the small)  but it’s not openly stipulated. You then start with a family sized salad each, which is tossed and dressed at the table. The ribs were super tender and it comes with a Yorkshire pudding! It’s a nice restaurant and the serving sizes are generous!

On a final day, we hung out with our friends again in their neck of the woods, Oakland. Although it’s just across the bay from SF, it was 10 degress warmer! We decided to engage in another food coma and ate a Korean BBQ Buffet lunch!

SF was fun, but I’m not sure it’s a place to go back to. It’s also really expensive to stay there and the weather is very similar to the UK.

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