Venice to Rome ?

Travelling to Rome was super easy. We bought our tickets online, but you can always buy them when you are there at the ticket office or at the ticket machines. The journey takes around 4 hours and the trains were clean and comfortable.


The main symbol of Rome is as impressive as you would hope. From the outside, it doesn’t seem as big as actually is unless you walk the whole way around. It isn’t until you are inside that you can feel the immensity of it.


The Colosseum is busy EVERYDAY! If you go later in the afternoon/early evening then the queues are much shorter. If you do want to go in the day, then it is best to buy a ‘skip the line’ ticket. You have to choose a certain time, but it means you don’t have to queue for long when you are there. We bought ours from Expedia (remember to print the voucher), but there are many websites/places in Rome to get them too. We didn’t have a guide so our tickets only cost £27.50 for 2 people. This also included access to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

Palatine Hill

This is situated next to the Colosseum and is believed to be one of the oldest areas of Rome. Here, there are many old ruins which used to be the central point for members of the high society.  If you walk to the top, you can get an amazing view of the city.


Roman Forum

The ruins which you can see from the top of Palatine Hill are the remains of the old epicenter. It’s a nice place to walk around and read about what life used to be like. Although it can be quite busy, it’s much more spacious than other tourist sites so it feels much less claustrophobic.


Altare della Patria

This is a very impressive building located in the Piazza Venezia and was built to pay homage to the first Italian King after their reunification. It offers a great view of the city when you climb up to the front terrace. Inside, there is also a museum but we didn’t visit it.




Other famous sites


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