Wendy and Mike had really high hopes of the food in Italy but were pretty disappointed as a whole. It wasn’t so much the actual taste of the food, but more the variety. There’s only so much pizza/pasta a person can eat! (Where is the steak??)

So here’s a run through of the things they ate in Venice.

We landed into Venice later afternoon/early evening so by the time Wendy and Mike had showered after checking in, it was getting late. They were in search for their first food adventure. However, by this time Wendy was getting hangry so the clock was ticking for Mike to find somewhere to eat otherwise it wouldn’t have been pretty! (FYI…never let Wendy get hangry..)

So the first night they just chose a random restaurant as Wendy had pretty much stomped her feet by this point. Unfortunately, they didn’t take note of the name of this place so good luck trying to find it. It’s next to a canal…?

Verdict: Meh, tastes OK.








This is a wonderful restaurant which overlooks the lagoon. It’s right next to the Fondamente Nove jetty stop (F.te Nove) so is easily accessible. It’s also mentioned in the Michelin Guide so it is highly recommended. Mike and Wendy decided to order the 4-course menu.

Verdict: AWESOME…you should all go (if you like seafood!)

Mike’s menu

  • Tartare of red tuna meat with wasabi cream and honey
  • Cream of potato with black truffle with scallops flavoured with licorice served with black olives caviar
  • Three cooking greater amberjack fillet with a celery turnip and eggplant caponata
  • Strawberry Semifreddo






Wendy’s menu

  • Sweet and sour sardines and green apple and codfish cooked until creamy with coffee polenta chips
  • Linguine with clams and lemon zest
  • Fish from the Adriatic and vegetables deep fried in a tempura batter
  • Lemon sorbet with basil and fresh mint







Seafood Restaurant

Wendy ordered seafood linguine and it was surprisingly delicious. She then had profiteroles for afters. This was devastatingly sad. The choux pastry was a complete disappointment. It had been frozen so it just came out chewy and tasteless. There is nothing worse than wasted calories. ?







Mike had a simple spaghetti, which was OK. It was a bit sad looking though. His dessert was better than Wendy’s, but it was just a simple chocolate cake.

Verdict: Main meals only

Last meal in Venice







On their final night in Venice, they opted for the seafood chowder and a ham and cheese calzone. Although the calzone isn’t much of a looker it was surprisingly tasty! (Never judge a book by it’s cover…). The chowder was more of a soup when it came out, but it was delicious. Probably one of the best Wendy has ever had.

Verdict: For seafood fans


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