So the other reason why we came back was to celebrate Grandma’s 70th Birthday. Mike’s parents kindly invited us and Neil to join them on the cruise which sails around the Adriatic, taking us from Corfu – Koper- Venice – Split – Dubrovnik – Kotor -Corfu.


The cruise was booked through TUI and the ship was called Marella Discovery 2. It was our first time on a cruise, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Our room was nice and big, lots of space and had a sea view so it was nice to see where we were docking in. The food on the boat was very nice and we were pleasantly surprised. There were 4 restaurants we could choose from plus a fast food kiosk. You could just eat all day/ every day if you wanted. Throughout the day/night, there was entertainment including bingo, quizzes, auctions, dance classes and shows in the evening. On the ship, there was also a climbing wall, mini golf, shuttle board, VR room, 2 pools and a casino.

Day 1- Corfu

We landed in Corfu very early and went on to the boat straight away. Grandad had ordered flowers and champagne for the birthday girl so we all went round to make a toast! We decided to stay on the boat and explore instead of wandering around Corfu. We went to the Italian restaurant today and the food was superb.

Day 2- At Sea

Today was the only day which we spent at sea. Parts of the day we sailed through choppy water and we found it a little difficult to adjust as it made us feel a little queasy. We also met Captain Chris today!

In the evening, we went for dinner at the Gallery 47 restaurant where our waiters were exceptionally friendly and hilarious. We also had a birthday cake too.

Day 3- Koper, Slovenia

Our first stop; Slovenia. After another large breaky, we headed onto land to explore this Medieval town. As it was a Sunday, it was rather quiet and not many places were open. Nevertheless, we did have a lovely little walk along the harbour and around the main square.

Day 4- Venice, Italy

The next morning we arrived in Venice. We were ahead of schedule as some people woke up early to see the ship docking, but by the time they got to the upper decks, the ship had already arrived. The docking station was a little further from the main square and it took about 45 minutes to walk. You could also get the water taxis which takes around 20 minutes. Venice is a charming city, full of windy alleys over 150 canals and 400 bridges, including the infamous ‘Bridge of Sighs’ which is connected to Doges Palace. These are both situated in the main square; ‘Piazza San Marco’ which also houses the clock tower and the stunning St Mark’s Bascillica. There are also many cafes here, but the prices are extortionate so it’s better to go further afield.

Day 5- Split, Croatia

Another sunny day, another gorgeous city. Today we arrived in the heart of the Dalmatia Region which greeted us with an array of historical buildings, cafes and plenty of history. We strolled along the coast and then on the way back, we went into the main center of Split. Here, we stumbled upon Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient palace which dates back to 4th century AD.  Another historical building is the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and the enormous statue of Grgur Ninski. It is believed that rubbing his big toe will bring you good luck.

Day 6- Dubrovnik, Croatia

Staying in Croatia, we sailed to the city of Dubrovnik which is situated along the Adriatic sea. Dubrovnik is a very old city and it still houses the ancient city walls. In 1979, the entire city became part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attraction is the wall, which costs 150 HRK per person. They are splendid to walk along as you can view different parts of the city. There are some steep staircases every now and again, but overall it’s quite flat. Here, you will also find some areas where Game of Thrones was filmed.

Day 7- Kotor, Montenegro

Our last full day took us to the mountainous republic of Kotor, which is situated in a Fjord and along a gorgeous natural harbour. Out of all the views, this is definitely the best in our opinion. As the boat sails in, you get a great panoramic view of the tiny town. Another medieval place, it is constructed of many ancient walls, with lots of windy streets and cobbled piazzas.

Day 8- Corfu, Greece

Our last morning has arrived and after another huge breakfast, we set off for our flight back to Manchester!

Final Thoughts

Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the cruise. The food was much better than we expected and the whole experience was lovely. It’s probably not something we would do again for a while, as we felt we didn’t have enough time in each place. However, a cruise is a nice way to relax and to see many different places.

It’s been a lovely few weeks back home(ish), but it’s now to recommence our honeymoon. We are off to conquer North America. First stop, Vegas!

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