Hello from Singapore! 

Our next stop took us to the multi-cultural country of Singapore. It’s super small, so there’s not even a capital city. We only stayed for a few nights, which was more than enough as it poured with rain the whole time we were there! ?

Marina Bay

This is located in downtown Singapore. It’s worth having a stroll in the evening when the lights have been turned on. There’s also a laser light show every evening. If you are lucky enough to stay in the hotel, they have an infinity pool! Unfortunately, you can’t use it unless you stay there.

Gardens by the Bay

Situated next to the Marina Bay is the pretty gardens, which have been built to raise the quality of life for the inhabitants of Singapore by planting more flora. It’s best to go at night as the supertrees are all lit up, but we didn’t have time so we mooched down in the day. Inside, you can visit the cloud forest and the flower dome. It’s worth a visit even if you aren’t particularly into your flowers!

Hawkers Markets

A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete unless you visit a Hawkers Market. Singapore is an eating paradise, so head to any one of the markets for a culinary adventure which is wallet friendly too. They are essentially just a huge food court with lots of different stall selling many different cuisines. It’s great for people who are indecisive about where to eat and for those who want to eat different things! We headed to Telok Ayer Market, also known as Lau Pa Sat.

Orchard Hotel

We stayed in the lovely Orchard Hotel, located on Orchard Road. It’s nice and central with good bus/metro links to other parts of the city! It has a great pool,(although the rain meant we couldn’t really utilise it), a decent gym and a good breakfast buffet!

Our mini break in Singapore is over, so we are hopping over the border to Malaysia. See you in Kuala Lumpur!

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