Arun Suor Sdei

As we are travelling so much in January, we wanted a place to chill and relax so we headed towards the tip of the country to Sihanoukville. It’s not too far from Phnom Penh so we hired a taxi to drive us down.

Unfortunately, Sihanoukville wasn’t what we expected. We had hoped for beautiful beaches and a nice calm place. It’s actually the opposite. It is tacky and very unappealing. It’s littered with casinos and many bars. However, it does seem to appeal to many backpackers as there seems to be a relatively hectic nightlife. The actual beach isn’t too bad and there are water sports for people to do. Another ‘attraction’ is the Golden Lion roundabout. How this is an attraction…I will never know!

Koh Rong 

If you do find yourself in Sihanoukville, then head to one of the nearby islands. Koh Rong is a simple boat ride away (approximately 45 minutes) but the beach seems a little nicer and you aren’t surrounded by casinos. We only went to Koh Rong for a day trip, but we highly recommend the High Point Rope Park.  It’s a great day climbing/ ziplining and challenging yourself (especially if you are afraid of heights). It’s perfectly safe and you are guided by an instructor as you go round the course. It costs 30 USD per person, but you can go as many times as you want on that day.

That’s about all we did in Sihanoukville. We chilled by the hotel pool most days and only ventured out for food. We also got sick here so that made the stay even more negative.

Well, we live and we learn. We surely don’t recommend Sihanoukville and suggest you spend your days in better places in Cambodia. Right, we are on the move again. Last stop in Cambodia, Siam Reap.

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