Choum reap sor

We are now in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. A country sandwiched between Vietnam and Thailand but full of its own culture and traditions.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum/ Killing Fields

A must see is the genocide museum, also known as S-21 (security prison). It was initially built and used as a high school. However, after the Khmer Rouge regime gained power during 1975, it was used as one of many execution centers/prisons. It remains untouched for the majority and each room you can only imagine the harrowing experiences the Cambodians went through. If you go, you must get an audio guide as it will help retell many harrowing stories and have real-life accounts from survivors and the family members of the deceased.

After visiting S21, you can also make a trip to the Killing Fields. Here you will see the grounds where the torture victims were taken to be killed and abandoned.

Royal Palace

The home of the King is the beautiful Royal Palace and has been since 1860. It’s quite a big complex which is divided into different sections. There’s the central compound known as ‘Throne Hall’, the Silver Pagoda (Southside) and also the Inner court which is off limits to visitors. If visiting, make sure you dress appropriately as you may be refused entry.

Daughters of Cambodia 

Just down the road from the Royal Palace is the ‘Daughters of Cambodia’ shop/cafe/spa. This organization has been developed to provide a future for the victims of sex trafficking. It provides them with education/ skills / medical care and other necessary means to help them start a new life. We only had a drink in the cafe, but it’s definitely worth visiting as you will be helping a great cause.

We are off to the beach now…..Sihanoukville!

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