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We had never been on an overnight bus in South America and had heard mixed reviews. Fortunately, we were on a very nice one. It was super comfortable, clean and made the 8-hour journey bearable. The seats were spacious and reclined back so it was almost like a bed. We were even fed an evening meal (with wine) and breakfast in the morning. The seats also come with a USB charger which was a bonus (for those of us who knew of their existence #hiGrazer)!

Foz do Iguaçu/Iguazu Falls

Although our bus arrived in Argentina, we did the waterfalls on the Brazilian side first. 🤷🏻 Iguazu Falls is located on the border of both Argentina and Brazil and is one of the ‘New Natural Seven Wonders of the World’. It is actually made up of 275 individual waterfalls and cascades.

On the Brazilian side, it is much more of a panoramic view and you are further away from the falls. It is a much more relaxed experience and there is only a little spray as you get to ‘Devils’ Throat’ walkway. You can also do a helicopter ride over the falls from the Brazilian side.

The next day, we hopped back over to Argentina. The falls from the Argentian side is much better in our opinion. You are much closer to the intensity of the water and have better views of the water thrashing over the cliffs. On this side, you can take the train to ‘Devil’s Throat’. There is also a nice scenic path which you can take to admire the falls from different platforms. The highlight of this section was the boat ride. The boat takes you down the river and into the falls (literally) where you get soaked! It was so much fun! If you shout ‘Vamos’ loud enough then they will take you to the falls several more times.

Alongside the waterfalls, you will come across many butterflies and many greedy Coatis who will try and steal your food, so be careful!


After the morning of the falls on the Brazilian side, our guide took us to Paraguay which was only 20 minutes away. We didn’t have much time but had a chance to have a quick look around. Paraguayan markets open very early (around 3 am) so close quite early too (5 pm) so we didn’t see much. Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to see another place!

We are off to Rio now, see you later!

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