Howdy from across the pond.

So this was my second time in Vegas, we went a couple of years ago for a friend’s wedding and there were quite a few of us. I didn’t think Vegas would be fun for a couple, how wrong was I!


Wendy and Mike love eating, it’s pretty much the reason why they travel so much. The only issue of eating in Vegas is that there’s not enough time in the day. There are so many restaurants, bars, cafes everywhere,  you definitely won’t go hungry.  A personal favourite of this greedy pair are the short rib nachos in ‘Cafe Americano’ in the foyer of Caesars Palace. Also, don’t forget breakfast is the most important meal of the day. #pancakes

Another cool haunt for fellow foodies was ‘Sake Rok’ which is a cool, vibrant dining experience. Alongside the epic sushi platter served by Godzilla himself, there’s the host who insists on downing Sake bombs with every table. Then, the waiting staff turn entertainers do an epic dance battle. A great place to eat and drink with random entertainment thrown in.



Vegas is famed for its nightlife and there’s something for everyone. We went to KA which is one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows, situated in the MGM Grand. This was amazing, everything is set on a moving stage and morphing backdrop. The acrobatic ability of the cast is insane. A fantastic show for the whole family.

The strip is lined by humongous themed hotels which are all filled with something unique; fountains, roller coasters, volcanoes and lots more. Just wondering in and out of the hotels is an experience in itself.

The best night we had was when watched the Backstreet Boys. They are Wendy’s favourite band and I have to admit it was a great show. Even Mike was bopping along to some of their famous tunes. We even got to meet them before the show, which was pretty cool. (#VIP) Just a word of warning, if you plan on getting a large drink(s), they come in buckets of around 700ml. So 1.5 litres of gin (and hardly any tonic) later, Wendy fell off her chair at the concert. Too much booze and excitement for her! If you are lucky enough to be in Vegas when there’s a show of an artist you like, you should try and go.

Just chillin’ with the Backstreet Boys!

Pool Party

Another ‘must-do’ in Vegas is a pool party. It’s essentially an all day drinking event in the sun. What more could you ask for? We decided to go to Encore Beach Club as David Guetta was playing. Tickets aren’t incredibly cheap ($50 for ladies and $75 for gents).  This is just your entrance fee so get there early to get a good seat by the side of the pool. Drinks are also quite pricey once you get in there. If you are in a large group, you can get a table/lily pad which means you have an area reserved for you as well as waiter service for drinks and some bottles included in the price.

Some sexy firefighters to help cool down the punters!

Until next time Vegas!

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