So, for some reason which I can’t quite remember, family and friends of Mike and Wendy decided to fly to Paphos in Cyprus for some sort of big event. As a thank you for all those who made it out there, these two decided to hire a yacht on the Saturday before the wedding so everyone could meet each other and mingle and to basically have a good time. We were all picked up in this amazing vehicle (#stylish) and dropped off at the harbour. The yacht was pretty epic and did not disappoint. We were even greeted by a red carpet. (#VIP)

The Ocean Flyer was pretty swanky, it had 3 decks, sun loungers and lots of little areas for people to mingle. There was even a small but amazing bar which served a variety of beverages. At the back, there was even the honeymoon suite which came with a lavish en-suite with a jacuzzi bath!

The whole day was pretty awesome, the drinks were flowing, the music was blazing out and everyone just had a great time.

Swanky room
Mike, thought he was actually the captain.
 The yacht took us out to the sea caves and after an hour or so, we anchored up and could have some fun in the sea. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to go swimming as they don’t make lifejackets for my people 🙁 Everyone else seemed to have fun snorkelling, swimming and canoeing.
swim time

After play time, it was food time. The buffet was pretty delicious and there was even dessert! There was so much food left over, but everyone was happily stuffed.

Such a fun day!

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