Здра́вствуйте ??

Greetings from our first stop, St Petersburg. A city filled with history, culture and charm. You can see why it was previously the capital of such a vast country.

Things to do 

As part of the package, we had a tour of the city for 3 hours. The tour guide was really good and friendly. She made the tour quite interesting and fun. We were the only people in it so we thought it was going to be awkward, but it wasn’t. We mooched around to see the main sights and to also get our bearings of the city. Our tour was really informative of the history of the city. Here are some highlights of the places we saw;


We then returned to 2 of the places; Church of the Saviour on Blood and Winter Palace to take a tour inside and soak up the culture.

Church of the Saviour on Blood

This church was built in the memory of murdered Emperor Alexander II by his son Alexander III. It’s a beautiful building with lots of bright colours. As St Petersburg is rather grey in winter, it stands out more than any other building. Inside, it is constructed of over 7500 square metres of mosaics and is highly decorated.

Winter Palace

Probably the main attraction in St Petersburg, is Winter Palace which was home to the former monarchs from 1732-1917. It is a huge building and is situated at the top of Nevsky Prospect. Inside, it is now a museum covering 3 floors and spans over 18,300 square meters.








It was a great few days in St Petersburg, unfortunately, Wendy also got her phone pickpocketed?so let us all take a minute to remember the good times. #RIPBATMAN #GONETOOSOON

If you’re visiting the city, don’t let the death of batman put you off. It’s full of great places to see and lots of culture. When walking around the city at night make sure your belongings are zipped up (preferably in inside pockets) to protect against those pesky pickpockets.

What was the weather like in Saint Petersburg

Well, we were there in November, so it was the beginnings of winter so it was darn cold 🙁 this means lots of layers but I didn’t listen. I still went out in my beach clothes. Luckily I’m plastic so I don’t feel the cold like most.

I’m starting to get a little restless here but the sleeper train is soon…

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